Art direction, logo


I designed this logo for Gama24, as a freelance. Gama24 is a small french one-person company traveling around the world to capture sport moments. Gama24 has multiple skills like directing documentary films or even live broadcasting in multiple countries such as Australia, Quatar, Belarus, mainly for RMC, Eurosport...


Aug 2021

Karim Manaa - Art Director


We wanted to create the most owned logo. Gama24 has strong values that keep the client happy. Quality, reliability, humanity, innovation, dynamism and sport was the main key names we keep in mind to create this authentic identity eveyone will recognize.


Moodboard. You can open the moodboard here.


The goal was to talk about the main domains : sports and video. The bottom lines will bring this cutting dynamic, coming by the left or the right side with very simple shapes for better recognization. All that dynamic is integrated in a 9/16 screen. 

Gama24 is one of these studios always checking for new technologies and innovations. We wanted this aspect in the logo. The colors, an (almost) electric Blue Klein and a pure black brings quality and tech. To make this even stronger, I vertically fliped the logo. More serious, more quality.

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