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Notitia is a SaaS tool for prefectures and elected officials. It allows the identification of population movement patterns during
COVID-19 lockdown through the centralization and analysis of non-personal citizen data.
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School project
- Invitation to tender by Agence de l’Innovation de Défense

Apr 2020

Allan Coutachot - Karim Manaa
Léa Desmottes - Khalil ABI
Nythia Pineda - Tarek Cattan
Samira Nouri - Alrick Gillard
Céline Ongan - Léa Maraval
Lisa Casey



How can prefectures identify movement patterns of the population and take actions accordingly? That was our problem to solve.

To solve this, we did 2 workshops and finally get the idea: Notitia will allow the prefects and elected officials to see how lockdown works via the non-personal displacement tendencies of their local populations, to understand them and take rules, while remaining ethical.


We did 2 workhops to solve this problem: The Worst Idea, and Putaclic.


User study

Thanks to our user studies, we can say that mayors need datas to take actions. Plus, our quality and quantity interviews showed us some important needs:

  • be able to quickly assess the effectiveness of the actions
  • clear of the informations and simple to use
  • targeting locations for police interventions
  • datas : the most frequented places, the number of people going out, the areas with the most interactions...
85,7% of the interviewed people would use this tool if it were real.
75% of theme, would use it every day.

We created a user journey to empathise with our users.


Thanks to our user research, we decided to do new workshops like cards sorting to organize datas and contents (basically it will create the architecture of our site). Then, we listed features to design. These features will help solving the problem.


Cards sorting to organize contents and datas.


A list of all the features we designed for our users.

Wireframes and final interface.

Final interface, check out the original Adobe XD file here.

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